3 Things Travel Marketers Need to Know to Set Strong Summer Campaigns – By Catlyn Origitano

Our latest Global Travel Insights Report is live and full of all the latest travel insights necessary to set strong travel marketing campaigns this summer. We’ve broken out three of the juiciest pieces to get you informed and inspired in your marketing efforts.1. Travelers are already planning their summer long weekends.Across the globe we see holidays impacting travel plans and travelers already looking to take long weekend getaways, including:In the US, we see 4th of July planning well underway—June 30, the Friday before the 4th of July weekend, is already one of the top three dates searched for departures. With the 4th being on a Tuesday this year, those looking to leave on Friday are taking extended long weekends, and travel marketers should ensure that their packages and offerings are tailored to these longer trips.The end of Ramadan is celebrated around the globe, most notably as in Asia-Pacific as Hari Raya Puasa. We already see travelers looking to take a long weekend to celebrate with June 23, the Friday before, making the list of top searched departure dates. Middle Eastern & African travelers, on the other hand, aren’t as decided about their departure dates for Eid al-Fitr. Both the Thursday and Friday before are in the top searched departure dates. Set a strong campaign: Knowing that there. a lot of indecision going on with Middle Eastern & African travelers, for example, presents the perfect window for travel marketers to influence the traveler. path to purchase with packages and promotions pushing for one date over another. 2.  Early planners are looking to stay local this summer.For both European and Latin American early planners, local destinations are outranking many overseas destinations that made the list in our last look forward. With Brexit, US travel bans, and more, travelers are still looking to take summer vacations, but are looking to stay a bit closer to home this summer.Set a strong campaign: This local shift presents an opportunity for local travel marketers to reach new travelers with your brand or offering. It also presents a challenge to North American travel marketers to make up for increasing competition. It. time to get even more creative and comprehensive with your campaigns to ensure you influence their path to purchase.3. New destinations rise in popularity for the summer.Across the globe, we see new destinations break into the top five searched for the early searches this summer:In the US, Seattle joins the list of top five sightseeing destinations searched for the summer.Lisbon is on the mind of early European traveler planners and makes the list of top destinations searched for June.  For Middle Eastern & African travelers, Amman and Manila are new destinations for early planners.Buenos Aires and Santiago are emerging destinations for Latin American travelers.Asia-Pacific travelers are looking to new top destinations like Phuket and Honolulu for their summer beach getaways.Set a strong campaign: While large cities will also drive large volumes, travelers from all over the globe are always looking for the next new hot spot, especially when planning early. Travel marketers can appeal to these wanderlusters with stunning campaigns that capture travelers early on in their travel planning. Video and Facebook are two great ways to do just that.Want to get even more travel insights for this summer? Get the report.About CatlynCatlyn is Sojern. Senior Content Marketing Manager. She loves playing video games and hiking with her dog, Dottie. Her favorite part of travel is the food, preferring street food to fine dining. She holds a PhD in Philosophy.Logos, product and company names mentioned are the property of their respective owners.Request Information from this organization
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